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Built by serial entrepreneurs, investors & venture capital experts, the Prepare 4 VC Startup Oasis is the first of its kind. 
The 'Oasis' is a living, breathing ecosystem - a circular economy of value created to help early-stage ventures navigate the most difficult period of their startup lifecycle... the beginning.

The day we decide to start building things that don't exist to solve problems that do we're not handed a roadmap or any directions...we're told only one thing:
"Entrepreneurship is really hard & failure is much more common than success."

Prepare 4 VC is dedicated to changing that long-standing startup narrative with the creation of a dynamic, inclusive & diverse Global Startup Oasis.

Our Mission Is Simple:
Build A Startup Oasis  -  a place of safe refuge + accelerated growth for startups navigating an unrelenting journey demanding integral resources & diverse relationships capable of creating global connectivity & curated pathways to people, places & things  -  Of Purposeful Prosperity

The Prepare 4 VC Startup Oasis is the sum of all its parts, including: 
  • A Virtual Accelerator Program 
  • A Global Startup Podcast
  • Virtual Networking & Pitch events
  • Access to Global Startup Conferences
  • Access to Global Experts + Tools in Personal Wellness & Health 
  • Access to Global Experts + Business Tools in Professional Skill Development 
  • Direct communication pathways to:  Investors, Advisors, Coaches, Mentors, Trusted Product Providers, Trusted Service Providers and Founding Peers across the global startup ecosystem.

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The Oasis Community

We have grown from an individual consultant, to a powerful team of venture capital and startup experts...to a global community of shared value. Join Prepare 4 VC to take your startup to the next level and grow with the founders around you. 

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